About the impulse to heal

This year has been relentless in teaching me a lesson that I feel is a big theme for everyone who’s an empath: the reactive impulse to jump in and help someone in need is detrimental to my (and your) energy.

My whole life I operated from a place of giving with no expectations. I wouldn’t even think about it. If someone needed anything, I was the first to get out of my way to help. It always felt so honorable and like I was doing the best I could in life by behaving this way, except that every time I acted on this kind of “saving” modality I felt depleted, weak and in most cases abused and overlooked. “How pervasive this world can be”, I thought many times, without realizing that I was the one making this choice every single time.

The more I got involved with energy healing and especially through Reiki (I’m a Master Reiki), the more I became aware of the ways I could help humans without having to go through the dramas of my past. It was a matter (as it is always the case with everything) of awareness!

When I take a moment to breath and feel what my energy is telling me before I decide to help someone, the quality of what I offer is very different from the reactive, impulsive one. Healing moved by awareness is empowering and beneficial to everyone, because it doesn’t leak our own energy in the process. Awareness and kind detachment brings Universal energy that heals and supports everyone involved. That is what TRUE help means in my experience, the kind that I can count on for the long term, the one I actually came here to provide.

The painting you see in this post is called The Healing of Tobit or Tobias Healing His Father, a 1621-1622 oil on panel painting by Domenico Fetti. It shows a scene from the Book of Tobit (11: 10-14), with the archangel Raphael helping Tobias to heal his blind father Tobit.

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