About the Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

The Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse happens on November 18th/19th at 27 degrees. It’s ruler is Venus and she’s navigating Capricorn, bringing a serious energy focused on our finances and what we build based on what we love and value for the long run. It’s a mastery point for us!

This energy is very deep and emotional. It will liberate us from structures that have been keeping us bounded to values that are no longer true to us. It will help us create new values, ones that are authentic to us individually and serve Humanity for generations to come.

If that wasn’t enough, the degree that this lunation is happening is absolutely magical and special. Twenty seven degrees of Taurus is a Pleiadian gateway of energies! That means that the StarSeeds will be receiving cosmic gifts and upgrades from our lovely friends! This will activate abilities you carry in your energy that were previously not available to you, dear StarSeeds! Your capacity to Trust and Love Humanity and Mother Earth is essential in this process. The more you connect with this energy and ground yourself, the smoother your experience will be.

I’ve been feeling pretty drunk with these energies and definitely looking forward to what is unfolding in the world and all the changes in my personal journey. I also feel changes in my body, lots of back pain, I can’t really sleep properly and when I do, I have lucid dreams where I’m helping other people. And I don’t want to eat for a week or so. All I need is a little bit of vegetables and fruits every day, but definitely can’t handle having full meals. This is quite wild! 😀

How are you navigating the Pleiadian waves?

The wonderful painting on the cover of this post was created by Surrealist Leonora Carrington.

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