Anger is a gift

I was listening to Rage Against the Machine lately, a band I grew up with (and so relevant for everything that is transpiring in the world), after randomly stumbling upon this incredible meme by an unknown genius:

One day I’ll recreate this scene IRL

Feeling anger is normally overlooked, repressed and considered to be a bad, lesser feeling in our “civilized” society (and sometimes in our so called spiritual community). And yet, anger offers us a fertile ground for self empowerment, self knowledge and often the catalyst of huge changes in the world.

The education system conditions all of us that feeling angry is not acceptable and as such, it should be repressed. For those who cannot contain it (as it was always my case as a child), punishment always follows. In this process, we are wired to disconnect from our capacity to experience a crucial side of our nature and we’re given no healthy ways to understand it, work through it and ultimately heal whatever triggers the anger in us.

Injustice makes me angry. Unfairness. Neglect. When I think about the violence that those in power are currently perpetrating on children my anger turns into rage. I start to have visions were I’m burning and breaking everything around me. When I was unconscious I’d sometimes react moved by these kinds of feelings without realizing it, causing havoc and even more problems because of it.

With awareness my relationship with anger has taken a completely different tone, one where I observe, honor and feel my anger fully, without trying to analyze it, without getting attached to it or create an identity for myself from it. I’ve been embracing my anger with love, especially over the last year. It has been a surprisingly potent source of creativity for me, and an ally in strengthening of my intuitive abilities.

There’s a transmutation of the energy of anger that happens when you bring awareness to it, it’s an alchemical process that I’ve experienced many times. It burns inside of me sometimes for days and then something shifts, a new quality comes through, I feel it almost as if the oven beep goes on – that “PIN!” moment, where I feel the purest love and compassion for everything that made me angry. It’s a transcendence that happens from one form of rawness to another. Bliss follows. New insights, new art, new video, new creative expression comes through from me thanks to this process.

I have enough awareness nowadays to not project this anger into the world, as I did many times growing up. When we don’t have awareness, it is almost impossible to contain this energy. I feel the energy of anger is like a fire dragon that embraces us as soon as we’re triggered. And being triggered by disharmony is a dangerous pattern to have if you’re unconscious given that the world is not harmonious whatsoever at this point, getting worse by the day. But being aware of it gives a depth to your experience of anger, a twist that is quite a delight to enjoy!

Anger informs us about what we truly love and value in our lives, independently of any conditioning we might have been through. It is pure, raw information about ourselves! By understanding what triggers our anger, we get to know a very important side of ourselves, one that doesn’t show up in other circumstances. We get in touch with what REALLY matters in our lives that is not being respected or acknowledged by other humans.

A Deity I channeled last year (part of a series)
“Anger” by Tartaruga Feliz, 2020

The benefits of feeling our anger fully are discussed in psychological essays as something that “protect us from dangerous situations if only we would attend to it and not spend so much effort trying to make it go away.”

Anger is a gift of self empowerment and embracing being Human, fully. Combined with awareness, it has the potential to be a powerful tool for societal change, for resistance against all forms of oppression and for dismantling the decadent structures trying to hold us down.

There are many ways for you to embrace your anger. You can talk to a therapist to help you uncover the layers that might be triggering it in you. You can write about what you’re feeling in a piece of paper and how you’d like to release it – and then burn the paper (in a safe manner!), transforming the energy in that process. You can listen to RATM and join me in screaming with Zack de la Rocha. You can draw, dance, jump, move and transform the energy of anger in your body. There are many ways you can experience anger in a constructive style, and I’m sure you’ll find ways that work specifically for you.

With the amount of oppression, censorship and injustice spinning out of control in the world today, it is completely natural to feel these feelings one time or another, dear Human. The important thing is to keep being aware and present with it. With awareness you can transmute any feeling into something beneficial to yourself and to humanity. To act from a place of stubborn awareness and kind detachment is the ultimate goal for all of those committed to changing the matrix. So if you are working through this energy with me I say be mindful! You’re needed!

The painting on the cover is a detail of “Portrait of Saint Augustine of Hippo receiving the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus”, by Philippe de Champaigne, 17th century

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