Orbs of Light

I’m in love with them. Tiny bubbles of light. I was always fascinated when I saw pictures of them and sometimes I saw them on videos here and there. But lately, because I’ve done a lot of healing work and I learned to keep my vibration high, I started to Trust more and connect with Light and the Light Beings working with me. There’s a sort of a chain of events happening with me, where I start to experience the magical and mysterious side of Earth.

I was working on a new pick a card video for the Venus Retrograde in Capricorn, and was just excitedly getting ready and connecting with the energy of Venus. Got my camera, three flip books, chose the decks of cards I was going to use, all figured out and ready to go. Then I got an impulse to film the flip books on top of the table. Right after I started filming, the light in my room changed and a ray of sunshine came through my window in the midst of a very grey, snowy sky. From the moment I fully connected to the energy of Love, a physical manifestation happened. I felt humbled and lucky.

We live in a planet of wonder and beauty. I feel Earth as an ancient, wise, loving and kind Being with its own intelligence. We’re all connected with Earth through our energetic bodies. The more we raise our vibrations and connect with her, the more we can open our perceptions of what reality is and unlock the non rational aspects of our existence here.

I love the way Alana Fairchild explains how you can connect with the Orbs of Light:

Being in nature and doing some invocations to unconditional love creates an energy that is very attractive to orbs. So is group work based in love, such as meditating together to clear a sacred space in nature, then dancing and praying together in that space with joyful devotion to love. This attracts high-level guidance because a group can be a container powerful enough to generate and hold the higher frequencies of love. This can also happen for individuals, but group energy can be a powerful and effective way to attract a great downpour of spiritual grace. Clearing the energy of your home and calling in higher guidance to bless you and your home each day, will also create a space in which orbs of light can more easily visit you, bringing their uplifting energy and healing light.

I’ve been participating in group meditations lead by Tim Whild for a while and was happily surprised by how powerful they are. Meditating in groups, even done online, are a great way for you to raise your energy and connect with the orbs as well.

My intention in sharing the Orbs of Light with you is to remind you of the beauty and magic of our reality. To show you Light and Love in physical form, to empower you in Trusting that what we consider as normal and real is related to our level of awareness and the frequencies in which we choose to experience our daily lives.

May the unconditionally loving Orbs of Light bless all those who can benefit from their presence!

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