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Astrology is a wonderful doorway to our energy! Understanding and being aware of our energetic patterns is an empowering and enlightening way to know ourselves.

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Through the study of your Astrological Birth Chart, you’ll learn about yourself in an insightful, inspiring and joyful way. This is not an electronically generated booklet. I’ll design a booklet specifically tailored to your energy with texts specifically created for you, based on your astrological placements. The booklet is sent as a PDF document (digital).

When booking this service, I’ll contact you to ask for (You can also add it on the “Additional Information” Box at checkout!):
– Your Birth Date
– Your Birth Time (it has to be accurate or the study won’t make sense to you!) – **without this info I won’t be able to do your study!**
– Your Birth Place (City and Country where you were born, independently of where you currently live)

It is important to be accurate of the details you provide to me, so please be careful to not commit mistakes! Especially concerning the time of your birth, the more precise you are, the more the information you receive will make sense to you.

On the images above you can see some examples of pages of a booklet I created.
If you have questions regarding this service, please contact me at

Thank you for being here and I’m looking forward to studying your energies!



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